Propose a Special Issue

The Editors of the IASSIST Quarterly are happy to consider proposals for special issues from volunteer guest editors, who may act alone or in collaborative teams.  An initial proposal should outline the unifying theme of the issue and a variety of ways that theme could be expressed by potential authors.  A draft Call for Papers (CFP) is also useful; see an example below.

The timeline for producing a special issue varies but usually takes about a year from issuing the CFP to final publication of the issue.  Guest editors are responsible for choosing among manuscript submissions; anonymizing manuscripts; assigning reviewers; making final decisions about publishing manuscripts; providing integrated anonymous comments from reviewers to authors; writing Guest Editors Notes for the issue; and keeping the Editors apprised of progress. 

The Editors expect to meet with guest editors monthly and can assist guest editors in several ways:  developing the final CFP; training on anonymizing manuscripts (if needed) and use of the Open Journal System with which manuscripts are managed; encouraging authors and reviewers; and advising on any issues that may arise. 

Contact the editors for more detail.


Sample CFP

Reproducibility in research (eventually produced as IQ Vol. 44 No. 1-2 [2020])

You are invited to submit a manuscript for a special issue of IASSIST Quarterly on reproducibility in research. We encourage the submission of both general background articles or case studies on any of the topics listed below as well as articles demonstrating how data professionals may advocate for and leverage our expertise to provide support for social scientists conducting research.

  • Reproducibility
  • Replicability
  • Transparent reporting and reporting guidelines
  • Reproducibility guidelines
  • Questionable Research Practices
    • P-hacking
    • HARKing
    • Underpowered Studies
  • Preregistration and registered reports
  • Reproducibility as related to evidence synthesis
  • Data repositories
  • Data curation
  • Data reuse

Manuscripts must be submitted by [deadline date, recommended at least two months from CFP publication]. This issue will be co-edited by [Guest Editor 1] ([email address]) from [Institution 1] and [Guest Editor 2] ([email address]) from [Institution 2]. Authors should adhere to IASSIST Quarterly instructions for authors and upload manuscripts according to the IASSIST Quarterly submission guidelines. When submitting make a note that you are submitting for the special issue on reproducibility.


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