Cycling infrastructure in the Ottawa-Gatineau area: a complex assemblage of data

  • Sylvie Lafortune Carleton University
  • Joël Rivard University of Ottawa


The Ottawa-Gatineau National Capital Region (Canada) has a well developed and well used cycling network of over 1,000 km which spans both sides of the Ontario and Quebec provincial boundary. The purpose of this study is to map out the complex data landscape behind the cycling infrastructure in the National Capital Region (NCR), which is largely based on inter-jurisdictional cooperation and partnerships with cycling advocacy groups. The questions we try to answer are: What data are collected for cycling infrastructure and activities? Who are the data producers and stakeholders? What are the relationships amongst the various data producers and stakeholders? The study reveals that the complexity of the cycling data landscape in the NCR is due to the complexity of the relationships between the various data producers and stakeholders.

Feb 22, 2019