Differences in Data Sharing Attitudes and Behaviours


  • Flavio Bonifacio Metis Ricerche srl




Data Sharing, International Comparison, Data Sharing Propensity, Work Satisfaction index, Data Sharing Problem Index, Target, Data Sharing promotion


This article reports the results of a survey conducted between 18th November and 18th December 2017 about different aspects of data sharing: tools used in building metadata, problems encountered in order to share the data, the propensity to share the data, the satisfaction obtained over different working tasks. After a short description of the data gathering task, the report describes the sample, the univariate distribution of the most important variables related to the work of data archiving and the attitudes concerning the data sharing activity: problems encountered, propensity to share the data, satisfaction obtained. Part of the report illustrates models suitable for interpreting the results and finally gives some advice for promoting data services. Some international comparisons of the results are proposed in the annex.




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Bonifacio, F. (2018). Differences in Data Sharing Attitudes and Behaviours. IASSIST Quarterly, 42(3), 1–39. https://doi.org/10.29173/iq912