Data privacy and DNA data




personal information protection, DNA Act, DNA profile


The letter to the Editor is in response to the manuscript by Hertzog et al. (2023) titled "Data management instruments to Protect the personal information of Children and Adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa." The letter elaborates on personal data protection, particularly the  POPI Act's data management requirements; the DNA Act mandates specific measures to ensure the data integrity and security of the NFDD's information. In addition, it criminalises the misuse or compromise of the data's integrity within the NFDD. In addition, the DNA Act established the National Forensic Oversight and Ethical Board (NFOEB), which is responsible for overseeing ethical compliance, implementing the Act, and preserving data integrity within the NFDD. The NFOEB is also responsible for investigating any complaints regarding DNA forensics and the management of the NFDD.


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